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Vertecto Help Accept an Invitation

Accept An Invitation From A Buyer or Seller

Congratulations, a carrier or another telecom service provider has sent you an Invitation! This usually means that the carrier with which you just agreed to terms or another carrier wants to buy routes from you or has routes that might meet your quality and pricing requirements. In this part of the Help section, you will learn how to check for new Invitations, review the Invitations, and respond to the Invitations. When you accept an Invitation, you create an agreement based on the terms contained in the Invitation. The agreement that is created is referred to as a "Project" on the Vertecto Tansaction Protection System (the "TPS"). In this section, you will also learn how to check the status of your new Project (to check if the Project escrow has been funded by the Buyer). If the Buyer has sufficient funds in its TPS account when the Invitation is accepted, and those funds are in the correct currency, the Project will be funded instantly. Otherwise, the Buyer will have to take steps to fund the escrow.

Check For New Invitations On Your Dashboard

It's easy to check for new Invitations on your Dashboard and it is the first thing you should do whenever you sign on to the TPS. Simply look at the "Invitation" box on your Dashboard to see the number of new Invitations you have received. Then click on the "Invitations Received" link to view the new Invitations, as shown in the following graphic.

Check For New Invitations Using The "Invitations" Tab

You can also check for new Invitations by navigating to the "Invitations" page. Just click the "Invitations" tab on the main (red) navigation panel at the top of your screen and then click the "Invitations Received" tab on the secondary (gray) navigation panel as shown in the following graphic. Your latest received Invitations will be at the top of the list. Click "View" to review each Invitation.

Review Invitation Terms

When you click the name of the Invitation or the "View" invitation link for an Invitation, the "Invitations > Proposed Project Details" page will appear, as you can see in the following graphic. Note that your Transaction Partner (the company that sent you the Invitation) is often referred to as your "V-Partner" on the TPS. All of the terms of the Invitation (the proposed terms for the Project) will appear on the Proposed Project Details page. Review them carefully. If the terms, conditions and pricing are acceptable to you, accept the Invitation. If not, you can reject the offer. However, rather than simply rejecting an offer, it is often in your best interests to propose terms that ARE acceptable to you. See how to do that here. That way you will till be able to do business with the Transaction Partner on terms that work for you.

Respond To New Invitations (Accept Or Decline An Invitation)

Now that you have reviewed the terms and conditions in the Invitation, are they acceptable to you? If you and your Transaction Partner have previously agreed on terms, the terms in the Invitation should match your agreement. If the Invitation is from a new carrier or represents a new deal from a carrier with which you have done business in the past, the new business terms should be acceptable to you.

If the terms and conditions in the Invitationy are acceptable, it is easy to confirm the Invitation and start making money from your new Project. Simply check the three boxes in the "Join Project" area, as shown in (1) in the following graphic, and click the "Accept" button.

If the terms are not acceptable to you, you have two choices. You can decline the invitation without comment by clicking the "decline" button, as shown in (2) in the following graphic. However, in most cases, you should give a reason why you are declining the Invitation. This will create a counter-offer and will increase the chance that you will do business with the sender of the Invitation. EXAMPLE: A carrier sends you an Invitation. The carrier wants to buy a Mexico cell route from you. The Buyer proposes a price of $0.10 per minute, a $5,000 USA dollar escrow and no minimums. You would accept $0.12 per minute, a $10,000 escrow and a minimum of 100,000 minute per month. You are satisfied with the rest of the Invitation terms (60/60 increments, 7/1 payment terms, etc.). Before you click the "Decline" button, enter the following in the "Comment" box: "Will accept $0.12 USD, $10,000 USD escrow, 100,000 min/month minimum." Then press the "Decline" buton. This gives the sender the opportunity to do a transaction on terms that are acceptable to you.

Project Status And Funding

Congratulations, you have accepted an Invitation or your Invitation has been accepted and the TPS has created a Project for you and your Transaction Partner. Whether you are the Seller or the Buyer, you should navigate to the "Projects" section of the TPS by clicking "Projects" on the main navigation bar (the red bar at the top of the page). Your will find your new Project listed under "Funded Projects" or under "Unfunded Projects".

If you're Project is listed as a "Funded Project" the Buyer has sufficient funds to create the Project escrow on account on the TPS and those funds were immediately dedicated to the new Project. The parties can safely send and accept traffic immediately with the assurance that they are protected by the TPS up to the amount of the escrow.

If you're Project is listed as an "Unfunded Project" the Buyer does not have sufficient funds on account on the TPS to fund the Project escrow. This does not mean that the Buyer has done something wrong. The Buyer may not have wanted to fund the escrow before the Invitation was accepted. It is also possible that the Buyer has substantial funds in its TPS accounts, but those funds are not in the correct currency. EXAMPLE: The Project requires an escrow of $10,000 USD. The Buyer has 80,000 EUR in its TPS account. In this case, the Buyer has sufficient funds, but must first convert the euros to US dollars. REMEMBER: Never allow a buyer to send minutes or use other services covered by an Unfunded Project.

An Unfunded Project is shown in the following graphic. You can review the Project terms by clicking on the Project ID shown in (1) in the following graphic. Now look at (2) in the following graphic. If you are the Seller, you must wait until the Buyer has funded the Project escrow. The TPS will send you an email when the Project is funded. You can also check the Project status at any time by logging into the TPS. If you are the Buyer, you will need to fund the Project. If you do not have sufficient funds in the correct currency to fund the Project, the "Unfunded Projects Summary" will appear exactly like (2) in the following graphic. You must send additional funds to Vertecto to fund the escrow before sending calls or using other services that are part of the Project. If you have funds in a currency other than the Project currency, you will have to convert those funds and dedicate them to the Project. After you have added money to your account or converted currencies in your account, a check box will appear in area (2). Click that check box and then click "Request Fund Allocation" to fund the Project as shown here.