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Vertecto Help - Add Funds to Account

Add Funds To Your Account

You can add funds to your accounts in the Vertecto Transaction Protection System (the "TPS") at any time in any primary currency. The primary currencies are USA dollars, Euros, UK Pounds and HK dollars and are subject to change. Remember that, while you can create Projects and escrows in any primary currency, you and your Transaction Partners can withdaw funds in the currencies of 33 nation. Don't know if you need to add more funds in a particular currency? You can check your available funds in any currency at any time on your Dashboard or in more detail by navigating to the "Account balance" page, as explained here.

The blue numbers in this section correspond to the numbers on the following illustration.

(1) Navigate to the "Add Money" page by clicking "Accounts" on the main (red) navigation bar and then clicking "Add Funds To My Account" on the secondary (gray) navigation bar. (2) If you have previously told us that you are adding funds to your account, this section reminds you of the amount, the currency and the Transaction ID of that last transaction. Please use the the Transaction ID if you need to contact us regarding that previous deposit. Use the input box marked (3) to enter the amount of your deposit. Your deposit should at least cover the amount of your Project escrow plus any wire fees. Please use whole numbers. Do not use periods or commas (enter 15000, not 15,000.00). Make sure that you enter the correct currency for your deposit in (4). The default currency is USA dollars. If you are sending a wire to Vertecto for your deposit, use the drop-down menu (5) to review the wire instructions to the TPS accounts for different currencies. Don't forget to press the "Add Money to My Account" button to complete your deposit transaction.

As shown below, the amount, currency and Transaction ID of the deposit you just made appears at the top of the page. Please use the Transaction ID if you need to contact us regarding the deposit. Your deposit will not appear in your available funds until Vertecto has received your wire transfer and the funds have cleared. You will receive an email from Vertecto when we receive your deposit and the funds have cleared.