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Check Cash Balances

There are numerous ways to check your cash balances. To view the most detailed account summary by currency or by Project, (1) click "Accounts" on the main (red) navigation bar and then (2) click "Account Balance" on the secondary (gray) navigation bar, as shown in the following illustration (the blue numbers correspond to the numbers on the illustration)).

Note: Other information is also available: Your Dashboard provides a quick reference summary of your balance in each primary currency, as shown here. If you want to view each and every transaction in your account in date order regardless of type or amount, click "Transactions" on the main (red) navigation bar at the top of every page, as shown here.

The explanation follows the illustration:

From this page, you can view a financial summary of a specific Project or view a summary of transactions by currency. By clicking (3) "Balance By Project (As Buyer)", this user has chosen to view a financial summary of specific Projects in which the user is a Buyer. If the user clicks on (4) any ProjectID, he will see a summary of that Project. A description of the Project summary page is here.

Item (5) allows you to view an account summary for any currency. Simply choose the currency from the dropdown list and click the "Refresh" button. In this case, the user is reviewing his USA dollar account (also known by its three letter international currency code of "USD"). The following information is presented:

    Amounts Deposited by You: The sum of all of your deposites in this currency (USD)
    Amounts Paid from Projects: The sum of all amounts paid to you by Buyers in Projects where you are or were the Seller
    Other Additions: Other amounts that were credited to your USD account such as adjustment credits
    Amounts Dedicated to Current Projects: If you have dedicated funds to a Project escrow, it will appear here
    Amounts In Dispute: If you are involved in a Dispute over an Invoice, the amount of the Dispute will appear here
    Amounts Paid for Projects: The sum of all amounts paid by you to Sellers in Projects where you are or were the Buyer
    Vertecto Fees (Last 60 Days): The sum of all fees paid by you to Vertecto, including fees for fund transfers, escrows and other services during the last 60 days. You can examine any transactions in your accounts, including fees, as shown here.
    Withdrawals/Other Deductions: Amounts that you have withdrawn from your accounts and other debits such as account corrections
    Deposited from Forex Exchange: If you convert funds from another currency account into this currency, the amount you receive will appear here. So, if you convert Euros into USD, the USD you receive will happear here
    Withdrawn for Forex Exchange: If you convert funds to another currency account from this currency, the amount you spend will appear here. So, if you convert USD into Euro (or HKD or GBP), the USD you converted will appear here. NOTE: Use the dropdown menu to choose EUR and press "Refresh" to see the converted funds deposited in your EUR
    Net Available for Escrow Projects: This is the amount of the funds that you have available (subject to pending debits and credits) in this currency to dedicate to new Project escrows or to withdraw