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Vertecto Help - Add Funds to Project

Adding Funds To An Existing Project

You are the Buyer in a Project that has gone well for you and the Seller. Perhaps you you are sending more calls than you thought you would or perhaps you created an escrow for a month's worth of traffic and you want to continue sending traffic. You need to add funds to your escrow. You do not need to create a new Project on the TPS. Just add funds to your existing escrow.

Navigate to the "Point Funds" funds by clicking "Accounts" on the main (red) navigation bar and then select "Point Funds to Existing Project" on the secondary (gray) navigation bar. Your Project will be listed on this page. If you have more than one existing Project, all of them will be listed, so be sure you choose the correct one.

Enter the amount you wish to add to the escrow in the "Amount" field (1). The TPS will default to the original escrow amount. You do not need to deposit this additional amount. You can add more or less to the Project escrow. The "Currency" field (2) defaults to the Project currency. If you want to use a different currency, you and the Seller must create a new Project.