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Vertecto Help - Disputes


When a Buyer disputes a portion of an Invoice, the undisputed amount is immediately credited to the Seller's account unless prohibited by the Project terms agreed by the parties. If you are unsure how the Dispute was created by the Buyer, you can review the process in this part of the Invoicing and Payment help.

Remember that most Invoice issues are honest mistakes. Disputes cost both parties time, effort and money. We urge all Sellers and Buyers to try to resolve disputes between themselve in good faith as quickly as possible. Since escrowed funds are not available to the Seller or the Buyer during a Dispute, it does not benefit either party to keep a dispute active.

Review Disputes

Enter the amount you wish to add to the escrow in the "Amount" field (1).

You can also review Disputes by navigating to the "Invoices Received" page. Starting from the main (red) navigation bar, click "Accounts" => "Invoices" => "Invoices Received" as shown in this illustration:

Upload CDRs And Spreadsheets

Often, the most efficient way to resolve Disputes quickly is to compare the CDRs from the Buyer's switch to the CDRs from the Seller's switch, after adjusting for internal clock and time zone differences. The Disputes page allows the Buyer to upload its CDRs to the Seller. The Buyer can also upload a spreadsheet which only shows differences between the Buyer's and Seller's CDRs. The spreadsheet is often the most effective way for the parties to identify issues. The Seller usually uses the "Create Invoice" page to upload its CDRs, but can also use the function on the Disputes page. The upload function is shown in this illustration:

If you are unable to resolve the Dispute using good faith negotiations, you can contact Vertecto support for assistance or a referral.