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Vertecto Help - Transaction Detail

Check Transaction Details

We believe that you are entitled to complete transparency in your accounts 24/7. The Transaction function allows you to review each and every transaction in your account.

To review your individual Transactions, simply click (1) the "Transactions" tab on the main (red) navigation bar. This will bring up the Transactions table as shown in the following illustration. The blue numbers in this section correspond to the numbers on the following graphic. Please see the explanation that follows this illustration:

The column marked (2) shows the type of Transaction. These include Customer Deposit (funds that you have deposited directly), Transaction Fee (such as wire transfer fees, ACH transfer fees and other Vertecto fees), Forex Deposit (funds you received from converting one currency into another), Forex Withdrawal (funds you used to convert to another currency), Project Invoice (amounts that you paid to deliver calls or use other services) and others.

The column marked (3) indicates whether the transaction is a Credit (which adds funds to your Accounts) or a Debit (which reduces your Accounts)

The column marked (4) shows the amount of the Transaction.

The column marked (5) shows the Transaction currency.

The column marked (6) shows the date of the Transaction.

Use navigator to see additional Transaction.(7)