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Vertecto Price Change Announcement



Wilmington, DE, March 20, 2013 - Vertecto Services, LLC continuously strives to increase member satisfaction, simplify transactions, increase volume in the telecom industry, and decrease transaction costs.

As part of our ongoing efforts, we are proud to announce that Vertecto is changing its pricing structure. The new structure will simplify transactions and decrease costs for the majority of our members.

Effective April 1, 2013, Vertecto all project fees will be charged on a flat percentage basis with fee rebates for volume usage.

All project fees will be calculated at 0.7% (less than one percent) of the project invoice amount. All internal transfer fees will be calculated at the greater of $15 or 0.7% of the transfer amount. If the buyer and seller split the fees, that is 0.35% per party BEFORE REBATE! If you simply paid by PayPal, your fees would range from 2.2% to 3.9% and you would not have the protection of escrow or the advantages of our Instant Quote and other services.

THE MORE YOU TRADE, THE CHEAPER IT GETS! As of the end of each month, we will calculate the total amount of paid project invoices during the preceding month for each Vertecto member. If you received and/or paid the amounts listed below, we will recalculate your fees for the monthly invoices and refund the difference to your account!


More ThanBut Less ThanRate/Member*
* Assumes 50%/50% Buyer/Seller allocation


IT GETS EVEN BETTER! If you have an existing project that is billed on a percentage basis, we have already lowered your pricing from 2.6% to 0.7%. If you want to take advantage of the new pricing for a new project immediately, you do not have to wait. Simply choose percentage billing when you create the new project and the new project will be billed at the new rate. Sorry, we cannot convert existing projects before April 1.

Over the next several months, Vertecto will be adding even more services and making other improvements to better serve our members.